PARTISAN is the debut feature from fellow Melbournian Ariel Kleiman! Written by bf/gf/talented freaks Ariel Kleiman and Sarah Cyngler  with exquisite cinematography by Germain McMicking for which he won the Sundance 2014 World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award: Cinematography.

The film follows the life of a troubled man Gregori (Vincent Cassel) who is living in a secret compound, with multiple women and a small crowd of children. Sheltered from everyday life, the women seem somewhat content to be cared for with their children, happy under the watchful eye of Gregori, however something much more sinister is going on. Centred around the eldest son, Alexander- Jeremy Chabriel *those eyes*  who starts fighting back when he begins to see the cracks in this flawed utopia. 

This film is so beautifully shot and despite the bleak surroundings and dark themes is lulls you into a dream like world that reveals beauty even in these moments. Vincent Cassel and Jeremy Chabriel  are so perfectly cast its outrageous.


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