PARTISAN is the debut feature from fellow Melbournian Ariel Kleiman! Written by bf/gf/talented freaks Ariel Kleiman and Sarah Cyngler  with exquisite cinematography by Germain McMicking for which he won the Sundance 2014 World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award: Cinematography.

The film follows the life of a troubled man Gregori (Vincent Cassel) who is living in a secret compound, with multiple women and a small crowd of children. Sheltered from everyday life, the women seem somewhat content to be cared for with their children, happy under the watchful eye of Gregori, however something much more sinister is going on. Centred around the eldest son, Alexander- Jeremy Chabriel *those eyes*  who starts fighting back when he begins to see the cracks in this flawed utopia. 

This film is so beautifully shot and despite the bleak surroundings and dark themes is lulls you into a dream like world that reveals beauty even in these moments. Vincent Cassel and Jeremy Chabriel  are so perfectly cast its outrageous.




Writer and Director Paolo Sorrentino is at it again…THANK GOD.

Previously known for his award winning movie “The Great Beauty” which took home the Oscar for best foreign film in 2014.

Featuring a stellar cast of: Rachel WeiszMichael CainePaul DanoHarvey Keitel and Jane Fonda.

Youth” is in the official selection in competition for this years Festival de Cannes.

Winners will be announced May 24.

Release date TBC

Roger Arpajou- Why Not Productions


Rust and Bone

Written by Jacques AudiardThomas Bidegain and Craig Davidson.

Directed by Jacques Audiard

Cinematography: Stéphane Fontaine

This is truly some magical emotional shit right here. One of the most moving/beautiful movies I’ve seen in the most recent years.

Featuring a cast of : Marion Cotillard who is everything and more in this like WOW!!!! Also Matthias Schoenaerts who is pure bada$$

So I don’t want to ruin any of the plot by explaining anything, so just trust me on this one and watch the movie…you can thank me later.

You’re welcome.

Images: Roger Arpajou – Why Not Productions

Movies to watch this wknd

So you cbf leaving your house this weekend? It’s ok I got you covered!

Below are some refreshing movies to watch if you’re over life/Netflix/have no $$ etc

Let’s start with “In a World” – Written and Directed by Lake Bell

Based on the lives of professional voice over artists… Lake Bell plays the awkward voice coach “Carol”, whose dad is a famous voice over artist, who thinks that the voice over industry has no room for females. #rude

So when Carol suddenly scores a sweet gig, she has all the other voice over ppl freaking the F out about who the hell she is!!!?  + why she’s getting all “their” jobs?

Featuring cast: Michaela Watkins, Demetri Martin,Rob CorddryLake BellFred MelamedKen Marino,Alexandra HoldenStephanie Allynne.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Written by Rashida JonesWill McCormack, Directed by Lee Toland Krieger

The movie follows the divorced BFFS Celeste and Jesse, trying to figure out their lives post breakup.

Whilst Jesse -“Samberg” is sorting out his life and moving on very quickly #adult. Celeste – “Jones” is gradually losing the plot #normal. This movie truly shows how differently people deal with breakups. Keep in mind this movie is also very funny.

Featuring cast: Rashida JonesAndy SambergAri GraynorElijah WoodEric Christian OlsenWill McCormackEmma RobertsChris MessinaRebecca Dayan.

P.S The Soundtrack rules.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Written by Lona Williams and Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

This movie is based around a Beauty Pageant in the fictional town of “Mount Rose” shot in a mockumentary form.

It follows main contestant Amber Atkins – “Dunst”, who lives in a trailer park with her mother “Barkin” and works in the towns morgue.

Kirstie Alley plays the “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” Ringleader of the Pageant and her daughter Becky- “Richards” is entering for the first time aka religious rich bitch who loves guns.

Anyways, everything starts to hit the fan after a few of the contestants mysteriously die and it just keeps on getting better!

P.S Keep an eye out for young Amy Adams and Brittany Murphy *RIP*.

Also shout out to Allison Janney aka the trailer park neighbour = highlight.


Featuring a cast of: Kirsten DunstEllen BarkinAllison JanneyDenise RichardsKirstie AlleyBrittany MurphyAmy AdamsSam McMurray.

drop dead


If you feel like some light hearted funny comedic drama this is a good film to start with.

Probably the most laughs I’ve heard during a Noah Baumbach film EVER. This film is funny. Like laugh out loud. I would take my mum to this film and that is saying a lot because she only really likes weird drama’s and things with Colin Firth.

Lets Start with the Cast:

Ben Stiller plays the ageing documentarian who has been working on what sounds like the most boring documentary I’ve ever heard of for over 10 years. Also look at him wearing a fedora…

ben s

Naomi Watts: All I can say is please watch this clip of her dancing, that is all. Bless you Naomi.

Adam Driver: Possibly plays the same character in everything?? Still always very charismatic and a bit of cheeky little shit in this movie.

*Watch for his bad hair scenes #toomany*

Amanda Seyfried: Boring.

Dree Hemingway: Probs my fav character…even though her role is small she jumps around like a maniac and is very entertaining.

Maria Dizzi and Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys) play the Baby CRAZY best friends of Stiller + Watts. They play what I feel like every new parent is like = insane, in love and sleep deprived.

Favourite scene: When they all visit a shaman’s house to drink hallucinogenic crap and vomit up their demons whilst getting extremely HIGH. = most people’s weekend

Overral not Baumbach’s best film… the plot does get a bit lost at a few points, but still worth a watch.




Sooooo The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack is possibly one of the best Mark Mothersbaugh/Wes Anderson collabs. *Rushmore may win no.1*

Featuring the likes of:

John LennonNicoBob DylanVince GuaraldiThe ClashPaul SimonElliott Smith,RamonesAntonio VivaldiThe Rolling StonesNick DrakeThe Velvet UndergroundVan MorrisonEmitt RhodesMark Mothersbaugh etc.

You can listen to this timeless thang in any mood/with anyone.

Honourable scenes:

The Secret life of Margot Tenenbaum: Judy is a Punk – Ramones

Ritchie Tenenbaums’ suicide scene: Needle in the Hay – Elliot Smith

Reunited: These days – Nico

So do yourself a favour and go watch the film/hound youtube/itunes/your local record store/ebay

This Soundtrack/film is a 100% keeper.