Written by Scott Neustadter + Michael H. Weber adapted from Tim Tharp‘s novel

Directed by James Ponsold

Starring: Shailene Woodley + Miles Teller + Brie Larson

This is one teen movie that outsmarts every other of late… FINALLY.

The Spectacular Now shows the rise and fall of first loves, dealing with absent parents, peaking in high school. fucking up and being a complete brat, expecting too much and overall life problems at age 18. #realistic

ps. ❤ you Miles Teller



Written + Directed by Damián Szifrón 

Starring: Darío GrandinettiMaría MarullRicardo Darín + more

Wild Tales is a straight up black Spanish comedy all about revenge legit TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!


  • 6 shorts within 1 film
  • Nominated and Winner of a bajillion awards
  • My favourite film so far this year
  • Every few minutes you will either be: gobsmacked/gasping or laughing.

That is all.

Please watch this movie. k bai.

Movies to watch this wknd

So you cbf leaving your house this weekend? It’s ok I got you covered!

Below are some refreshing movies to watch if you’re over life/Netflix/have no $$ etc

Let’s start with “In a World” – Written and Directed by Lake Bell

Based on the lives of professional voice over artists… Lake Bell plays the awkward voice coach “Carol”, whose dad is a famous voice over artist, who thinks that the voice over industry has no room for females. #rude

So when Carol suddenly scores a sweet gig, she has all the other voice over ppl freaking the F out about who the hell she is!!!?  + why she’s getting all “their” jobs?

Featuring cast: Michaela Watkins, Demetri Martin,Rob CorddryLake BellFred MelamedKen Marino,Alexandra HoldenStephanie Allynne.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Written by Rashida JonesWill McCormack, Directed by Lee Toland Krieger

The movie follows the divorced BFFS Celeste and Jesse, trying to figure out their lives post breakup.

Whilst Jesse -“Samberg” is sorting out his life and moving on very quickly #adult. Celeste – “Jones” is gradually losing the plot #normal. This movie truly shows how differently people deal with breakups. Keep in mind this movie is also very funny.

Featuring cast: Rashida JonesAndy SambergAri GraynorElijah WoodEric Christian OlsenWill McCormackEmma RobertsChris MessinaRebecca Dayan.

P.S The Soundtrack rules.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Written by Lona Williams and Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

This movie is based around a Beauty Pageant in the fictional town of “Mount Rose” shot in a mockumentary form.

It follows main contestant Amber Atkins – “Dunst”, who lives in a trailer park with her mother “Barkin” and works in the towns morgue.

Kirstie Alley plays the “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” Ringleader of the Pageant and her daughter Becky- “Richards” is entering for the first time aka religious rich bitch who loves guns.

Anyways, everything starts to hit the fan after a few of the contestants mysteriously die and it just keeps on getting better!

P.S Keep an eye out for young Amy Adams and Brittany Murphy *RIP*.

Also shout out to Allison Janney aka the trailer park neighbour = highlight.


Featuring a cast of: Kirsten DunstEllen BarkinAllison JanneyDenise RichardsKirstie AlleyBrittany MurphyAmy AdamsSam McMurray.

drop dead

>>>TRAILER HYPE 2015<<<

After hours/days/years of trawling youtube for movie trailers…I’ve decided to compile a k00l list of my top picks for 20fifteen.


Welcome to me : Written by Eliot Laurence + Directed by Shira Piven

Trainwreck : Written by Amy Schumer + Directed by Judd Apatow.

Mommy: Written + Directed by Xavier Dolan

*Winner of the Cannes Jury Prize 2014 and many more*

Clouds of Sils Maria: Written + Directed by Olivier Assayas 

Kelly & Cal: Written by Amy Lowe Starbin + Directed by Jen McGowan 

*Winner of SXSW Game Changer Award*

Me & Earl and the Dying Girl : Written by Jesse Andrews + Directed Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

*Winner of the Grand Jury Prize + Audience Award at the 31st Sundance Film Festival

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief: Directed by Alex Gibney + Written by Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright (Book)

Also! Shout out to these films that have not had their trailer’s released yet, but I’m very excited to see!!

Nasty Baby –

Diary of a Teenage girl –

Mistress America –

*P.S most of these movies previewed at this years Sundance film festival so hopefully they get a release date ASAP ROCKY*