So I finally saw this yesterday and all I can say is WOW.

Now lets just say this movie obviously isn’t for everyone, like the dude sitting next to me, who when the movie finished said  “THAT WAS THE WORST FUCKING MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN”… anyways.

The Plot:

 The film stars Anne Dorval as Diane Després, a widowed mother who is overwhelmed by the difficulty of raising her troubled, sometimes violent son Steve (Antoine Olivier Pilon) as a single parent. Després then begins to receive assistance and support from her mysterious new neighbour Kyla (Suzanne Clément). 

– Thanks Wikipedia

Let’s start with the cast.

Antoine-Olivier Pilon who plays “Steve” is truly Flawless and my teen dream in this role. I mean look how good he can blow a bubble.


Photo: Shayne Laverdiere

Anne Dorval aka Steve’s mum Diane “Die” Després is one helluva sassy bitch with an exotic wardrobe to match *Shout outs to the wardrobe dept* and yes is her hair a wig?? idk?


Photo: Shayne Laverdiere

Suzanne Clément plays the shy conservative neighbor “Kyla” with a speech impediment who just doesn’t know what the hell she is getting herself into, but always has perfect hair!


Photo: Shayne Laverdiere

Now lets talk about the soundtrack! So pretty on point minus a few very questionable songs…. please Google for yourself.

Cinematographer André Turpin is on the $$ with the camera work for this film, sometimes so on point and beautiful that I could have cried (didn’t).

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor/Prodigy Xavier Dolan has also truly out done himself this time and there is a reason why “Mommy” won a gazillion awards last year.

So to sum up everything… go and see this movie if you want to feel something real. Because this movie will leave you feeling shocked,sad,speechless and amazed both during and after the film has finished.

Lbh it’s worth 138 minutes of your time and $$


>>>TRAILER HYPE 2015<<<

After hours/days/years of trawling youtube for movie trailers…I’ve decided to compile a k00l list of my top picks for 20fifteen.


Welcome to me : Written by Eliot Laurence + Directed by Shira Piven

Trainwreck : Written by Amy Schumer + Directed by Judd Apatow.

Mommy: Written + Directed by Xavier Dolan

*Winner of the Cannes Jury Prize 2014 and many more*

Clouds of Sils Maria: Written + Directed by Olivier Assayas 

Kelly & Cal: Written by Amy Lowe Starbin + Directed by Jen McGowan 

*Winner of SXSW Game Changer Award*

Me & Earl and the Dying Girl : Written by Jesse Andrews + Directed Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

*Winner of the Grand Jury Prize + Audience Award at the 31st Sundance Film Festival

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief: Directed by Alex Gibney + Written by Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright (Book)

Also! Shout out to these films that have not had their trailer’s released yet, but I’m very excited to see!!

Nasty Baby –

Diary of a Teenage girl –

Mistress America –

*P.S most of these movies previewed at this years Sundance film festival so hopefully they get a release date ASAP ROCKY*